Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Women - in a nutshell

They come in all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of lives. Some believe that they are just carrying on with tradition for they suspect their mothers may have previously been working women themselves due to the easy they have accepted their daughters' choice of profession. Some do it because they have a drug habit to support be it their own or a love one's. Others may do it because of financial constraints, wanting to provide a better standard of living for their family. Some do it simply because that it all they have ever done... never held any other type of work. Then there is the group who just need quick cash - for a wedding, overseas trip or even Christmas.  

All crass&no finesse:
The type of women each parlour carries mainly depends on where the parlour is situated. The city parlour normally have the glamours - women spend big on their attire, mainly designer clothes, accessories even makeup. It is easy to spot them on the street    - for they are normally the young ones who have to much bling and scream of a multitude of designer labels all at the sametime. Gucci handbag, LV wallet, Dior glasses etc. Basically it is new money syndrome - crasp and no finesse. When one meets this woman - one is intrigued with the vast employment experience and the sureness in confidence. But the subtle little things normally give it away - I have found the easiest giveaway is -  handling of cutlery. They can be rather clumsy. Another dead giveaway  is the style of entering  and exiting a car. 

The surburb: these women prefer a lower toned setting. They are slightly older, may have a kid or 2 - usually with a partner who doe not know what they do. They may have worked in the industry when they were much younger. Most fall under the YummyMummy categories. They take a smaller paycut but enjoy the anonymity. These women keep normal working days and hours. 

In the country and small townships it is rather difficult to be discrete as everyone know everyones' business. Here, one usually finds the "blowin" species. They - are "out of town women" who work in an establishment for a week or two. Most times, they are women who have been in the industry for a long time and have exhausted their local turf with a pretty large radius.  These women rotate between a few parlours. 

These women are normally Uni students who want to enjoy the luxuries of life and have their head screwed on. They are just going for it - with all guns blazing. They are normally smart, young, great physic have a lot of sass and panache. They are the ones to look out for. 

You will  find parlours are specked with women who have worked for more than a couple of decades- rather dried and leathery. Miss Know It Alls. Have nothing to show for it but stories of grandeur. They are the ones who NEARLY  cut a record deal, wrote a book etc. Sometimes you wonder what they did with all the money they have made. They, always claim to be the top earner, with the largest clientele. Their clients paid for overseas trips, material goods - but you wonder what happen - why are they still here ...... working in a brothel?!

Where's My Banana?

Standing in the kitchen one night, one of the ladies, ‘Miss C’, came in to make some banana on toast. When she looked at the fruit basket, she asked out loud ‘who ate the last banana?’  Then she said ‘oh I remember now, I shoved the last one up some guy’s ass’ I looked at her and said ‘what the f*ck???'

Here’s her explanation of where the banana went:

‘Miss C’ had a client who was curious about anal sex.  ‘Miss C’ asked the client if he had ever had anal sex performed on him before. The client replied ‘kind of’. ‘Miss C’ explained to the client that you couldn’t ‘kind of’ have anal sex performed on you, it’s either you have or you haven’t. She compared it to being pregnant: ‘you either are or you’re not’   One it was established that the client hadn’t had anal performed on him; ‘Miss C’ explained that he needed to start out with something small, she didn’t want to use something to big as she hates ‘bleeders’ So ‘Miss C’ went to the kitchen, and took the last small, but firm banana, slid a condom on it, and gave the gentleman his first anal experience.

I’ve never looked at bananas the same way since.

Brothel Stories, we are ..............

We believe many wonder about what goes on in the bellows of  a brothel. Behind the cool curtains there is always a frenzy of activity. A world within a world where different types of women meet at a money pit for the sole purpose of making money or are they just nymphomaniacs? What drives them and what do they have to put up with from the clients, the brothel owners and the women they work with. How open are they with society with what they do?

Do the men frequent, because, they are serial cheaters, need a fantasy fulfilled (which is so obscure that their partners will look at them in a different light). Or, the simple reason of needing to have SEX because you are single and lonely.

What do the owners of the brothels think of the women who work for them and the men who visit their establishment. What drives them it the money, do they feel they are providing a service to society or do they just thrive on the drama that goes with the industry? Do they practice what they preach?

These are just some stories contributed by a few of co-editors who have experienced these incidences. 

We hope you will laugh at the humour, empathize with the needy, get mad at the wrong but most of all we hope you enjoy this blog.

There may be blogs that can be rather raw and close to the bone, or,  you may not share the opinion of the writer. We hope you bear in mind that these are just reflection of the writers' opinions and not take it as a personal attack should you relish in a similar scenario. 

Thank you
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